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Stormgate Biokinetics Lab Structure Guide

Stormgate Biokinetics Lab Structure Guide

  • Game Name: Stormgate
  • Developer: Frost Giant Studios
  • Initial Release Date: Feb 5, 2024 (Open Beta)
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Platforms: PC


The Biokinetics Lab is a cornerstone of advanced gameplay in Stormgate, allowing players to leverage cutting-edge science to gain a strategic advantage. This guide delves into the structure’s features, uses, and strategies for maximizing its benefits.

Key Features

Upgrades and Research

The Biokinetics Lab offers a variety of upgrades and research options critical for advancing your units and abilities. These enhancements range from improving unit health and damage output to unlocking new abilities and tech upgrades.

Unit Production

Besides research, the lab is pivotal for producing high-tier units. These units, often with unique abilities, can turn the tide of battle, emphasizing the lab’s role in strategic planning.

Strategy and Tips

Maximizing the effectiveness of the Biokinetics Lab involves timely upgrades and strategic research choices. Positioning the lab safely within your base while ensuring it’s easily accessible for quick upgrades is crucial.


The Biokinetics Lab is a game-changer in Stormgate, offering depth and complexity to the gameplay. Strategic use of this structure can significantly influence the outcome of matches, making it a vital component of any winning strategy.

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