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Stormgate Evac Guide

Stormgate Evac Guide

  • Game Name: Stormgate
  • Developer: Frost Giant Studios
  • Initial Release Date: Feb 5, 2024 (Open Beta)
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Free to Play
  • Platforms: PC


In the realm of Stormgate, the Evac unit plays a crucial role in the Human Resistance’s arsenal. As an early air unit available to all factions, the Evac serves primarily as a transport ship, facilitating the movement of ground units across the battlefield. Understanding its capabilities and strategic applications is essential for maximizing its effectiveness in-game.

Unit Profile

The Evac is a versatile transport ship designed for quick deployment and extraction of ground units. It boasts a considerable amount of HP, making it resilient against enemy attacks. Its primary function is to transport units, with the capacity varying based on the size of the units it carries. Notably, larger units take up more space, affecting the number of troops the Evac can transport at once.


  1. Release Skymine: The Evac has the ability to release Skymine, providing additional defensive capabilities to allied forces.
  2. Retreat: In times of need, the Evac can activate its retreat ability, granting it a temporary speed boost while automatically returning to the nearest hanger bay for repairs. Although immobilized during repairs, the Evac becomes fully operational once repaired.

Development History

The concept of the Evac traces back to an early precursor seen in 2022, designed as a spearheading piece for the Resistance faction’s air units. While the exact relationship between the precursor and the Evac remains unclear, they both share fundamental transport functions.

Strategic Applications

Pairing with Atlases

The Evac synergizes exceptionally well with Atlases, forming a formidable duo on the battlefield. Atlases are heavy ground units capable of dealing significant damage, but their slow movement speed can hinder their effectiveness. By pairing with Evacs, Atlases gain the ability to swiftly deploy and extract, allowing for rapid response to enemy movements and effective harassment tactics.

Enemy Harassment

One of the Evac’s primary roles is to harass enemy forces by deploying ground units behind enemy lines and swiftly retreating when threatened. This hit-and-run tactic disrupts enemy formations, creates chaos in their ranks, and provides strategic advantages for allied forces.

Defensive Support

In addition to offensive capabilities, Evacs can also provide vital defensive support by transporting reinforcements to critical areas of the battlefield. Whether reinforcing a weakened frontline or bolstering a strategic position, Evacs play a pivotal role in maintaining control over key territories.


The Evac is not merely a transport ship; it is a symbol of resilience and adaptability on the battlefield. With its sturdy construction, strategic abilities, and versatile applications, the Evac stands as a cornerstone of the Human Resistance’s air force in the ever-evolving world of Stormgate.

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