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Stormgate Therium Refinery Structure Guide

Stormgate Therium Refinery Structure Guide

  • Game Name: Stormgate
  • Developer: Frost Giant Studios
  • Initial Release Date: Feb 5, 2024 (Open Beta)
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Platforms: PC


The Therium Refinery is a pivotal structure in Stormgate, enabling players to harness Therium, a key resource for unit production and technological advancements. This guide delves into its strategic importance, construction, and upgrade paths.


To erect a Therium Refinery, players must first locate a Therium node. The refinery’s cost and build time are crucial for early game resource management, dictating the pace at which a player can expand their army and technologies.


The primary function of the Therium Refinery is to extract Therium, which fuels advanced unit production and research. Efficient placement and protection of refineries are paramount to securing a steady resource flow.


Upgrades can enhance refinery efficiency, increase Therium extraction rates, and fortify them against enemy attacks. These improvements are essential for maintaining competitiveness and sustainability in prolonged matches.


Positioning and defense are key. Players must balance the refinery’s accessibility for protection with the risk of enemy raids. Strategic use of defenses and army positioning can safeguard these vital structures.


The Therium Refinery is more than just a resource node; it’s a linchpin in the complex strategy of Stormgate, demanding careful planning, protection, and optimization for victory.

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