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Stormgate Faction Guide

Stormgate Faction Guide

  • Game Name: Stormgate
  • Developer: Frost Giant Studios
  • Initial Release Date: Feb 5, 2024 (Open Beta)
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Platforms: PC

Stormgate, the highly anticipated RTS from Frost Giant Studios, promises a fresh take on strategy gaming. Set in a rich science fantasy universe, players can expect to command mighty armies, harnessing the power of both human ingenuity and otherworldly forces to assert dominance over their enemies. This guide provides a detailed look into the factions of Stormgate, offering insights into their unique strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay strategies.

Factions Overview

Stormgate introduces players to a vibrant universe where human and supernatural elements intertwine. As of now, details on two main factions have been released: the Vanguard and the Infernal Host. Each faction boasts unique units, abilities, and strategic advantages, designed to cater to a wide range of playstyles.

The Vanguard

The Vanguard represents humanity’s resilience and technological prowess. This faction excels in versatility and defensive capabilities, allowing players to adapt to various threats while maintaining a solid foundation for their empire. Key units and technologies reflect human innovation, offering a balanced mix of mobility, firepower, and durability.

The Infernal Host

In stark contrast, the Infernal Host embodies the chaotic and destructive forces of the universe. This faction leverages powerful demons and devastating spells to overwhelm opponents. Specializing in aggressive tactics, the Infernal Host aims to quickly dismantle enemy defenses through sheer force and magical superiority.

Future Updates

Stormgate’s development team has hinted at the introduction of a third faction, which is expected to further diversify the strategic landscape of the game. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for upcoming announcements and beta tests to experience firsthand the evolving dynamics of Stormgate’s factions.

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