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Stormgate Vanguard Guide

Game Name: Stormgate
Developer: Frost Giant Studios
Initial Release Date: Feb 5, 2024 (Open Beta)
Genre: Sci-Fi, Strategy
Platforms: PC


The Vanguard faction in Stormgate represents humanity’s last stand against the Infernal Host invasion. Comprised of elite soldiers and brilliant minds, the Vanguard utilizes advanced technology and strategic prowess to defend Earth from extinction.

Faction Description

The Vanguard was formed to serve as humanity’s last bastion of defense with Earth on the brink of extinction. Representing the greatest scientific minds, toughest soldiers, and most brilliant strategists from around the world, the Vanguard stands resolute against the invading Infernal Host.


The Vanguard faction offers approachable gameplay, focusing on defensive strategies and resilience. Players can expect to field fewer but tougher units compared to the Infernals. The faction excels in healing and support, with units capable of converting into alternate modes for versatile tactics.

Unique Features

  • Veterancy System: Vanguard units gain experience and level up, enhancing their health and effectiveness.
  • Defensive Gameplay: Excel in defensive strategies with an array of healing and support units.
  • Technology Theme: Access to advanced mechanical units, including mechs, tanks, and artillery.


B.O.B.B.O.B.s can harvest resources, build structures, repair mechanical units, and can be used to defend a Resistance base. Multiple B.O.B.s can work on a single structure at a time, reducing its construction time. It takes a long time for a B.O.B. to mine a resource (at least therium), but their travel time is comparatively reduced.
EvacEvac units are support units designed for evacuation operations. They play a crucial role in transporting personnel and resources to safety during critical situations.
ExoExo units are versatile mechanized infantry units. They are equipped with advanced weaponry and technology, making them effective in various combat scenarios.
Giga-mechGiga-mechs are massive mech units capable of devastating attacks. They possess immense firepower and durability, making them formidable assets on the battlefield.
HedgehogHedgehog units are defensive units armed with anti-air capabilities. They excel at intercepting and neutralizing airborne threats, providing essential air defense for the Vanguard.
HornetHornet units are fast-moving scout units with reconnaissance abilities. They gather valuable intelligence on enemy positions and movements, allowing the Vanguard to plan and execute strategic maneuvers effectively.
Sky mineSky mines are floating mines deployed to obstruct enemy movement. They create hazardous zones in the sky, deterring enemy aircraft and restricting their access to certain areas of the battlefield.
LancerLancer units are long-range artillery units. They provide fire support from a distance, raining down destruction on enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy.
MedTechMedTech units are medical units providing healing support on the battlefield. They play a crucial role in maintaining the health and combat effectiveness of Vanguard forces during prolonged engagements.
Multi-fighter mechMulti-fighter mechs are multi-purpose combat mechs. They are versatile units capable of engaging enemy forces on multiple fronts, combining firepower and mobility to outmaneuver and outgun the opposition.
S.C.O.U.T.S.C.O.U.T. units are reconnaissance drones providing vision on the battlefield. They scout enemy positions and movements, gathering valuable intelligence for Vanguard commanders.
Sensor droneSensor drones are drones equipped with sensors for enemy detection. They patrol the battlefield, detecting enemy units and relaying vital information to Vanguard forces.
SentinelSentinel units are advanced defensive units with shield capabilities. They provide protection for Vanguard forces and structures, forming a resilient frontline against enemy assaults.
SkyriderSkyrider units are aerial units specializing in air-to-ground attacks. They dominate the skies, raining down destruction on enemy ground forces with devastating aerial firepower.
VulcanVulcan units are mechanized units armed with rapid-fire weaponry. They unleash a barrage of bullets on enemy targets, overwhelming them with sheer firepower and precision.


Central commandCentral command serves as the centralized command center for coordinating Vanguard operations and strategic planning.
GantryGantry is a construction facility used for building large-scale units, such as mechs and vehicles, to bolster Vanguard forces on the battlefield.
HabitatHabitat provides living quarters for Vanguard personnel, offering essential amenities and accommodations to support the troops during their missions.
RampartRampart is a defensive structure designed to provide cover and protection for Vanguard units, enhancing their defensive capabilities on the battlefield.
Solar habitatSolar habitat is a sustainable living quarters powered by solar energy, offering environmentally friendly accommodations for Vanguard personnel.
Hangar bayHangar bay serves as a storage and maintenance facility for aerial units, including drones and aircraft, ensuring their readiness for combat operations.
Machine factoryMachine factory is a manufacturing plant responsible for producing mechanized units, such as mechs and vehicles, to reinforce Vanguard forces.
Mech bayMech bay is a maintenance bay equipped for repairing and upgrading mechs, ensuring their optimal performance and combat readiness.
Sentry arraySentry array is a sensor network deployed for detecting enemy movements and activities, providing crucial intelligence for Vanguard commanders.
Sentry postSentry post is a guard tower strategically positioned to provide surveillance and defense, enhancing Vanguard’s perimeter security and situational awareness.
Buzzsaw cannonBuzzsaw cannon is a heavy artillery emplacement capable of delivering devastating long-range attacks, neutralizing enemy threats with precision and firepower.
Flak cannonFlak cannon is an anti-aircraft cannon designed to defend against airborne threats, providing air defense coverage and protection for Vanguard forces and structures.
Therium refineryTherium refinery is a resource processing plant responsible for extracting and refining essential materials, such as therium, to support Vanguard operations.

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